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American History Timeline






Antietam On September 17, 1862, Generals Robert E. Lee and George McClellan faced off near Antietam creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland, in the the first battle of the American Civil War to be fought on northern soil.Though McClellan failed to crush Lee sarmy.he was able to check the Confederate advance in to the north. Union defeats, this provided Abraham Lincoln the political cover he needed to issue his Emancipation Proclamation. Though the result of the battle was inconclusive, itremains the bloodiest single day in American history, withmore than 22,000 casualties.

VicksburgVicksburg war Battle was an important Union victory in the American Civil War 1861-1865. The campaign took place in western Mississippi from December 1862 to July 1863. General Ulysses S. Grant led the Union forces. They finally captured the fortified city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, on July 4, 1863. The final phase of the campaign is known as the siege of Vicksburg. The city’s capture, along with a Union victory at Gettysburg the previous day marked a turning point in the Civil War.

GettysburgGettysburg was a large battle in the American Civil War 1861-1865 took place in southern Pennsylvania from July 1 to July 3, 1863. The battle is named after the town on the battlefield. Union General George G. Meade led an army of about 90,000 men to victory against General Robert E. Lee's Confederate army of about 75,000. Gettysburg is the war’s most famous battle because of its large size, high cost in lives location in a northern state, and for President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

FORT SUMTERFort Sumter, On April 12 - 14, 1861 .The location is on Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina.Confederates won the battle. The Importance of the battle is it was First battle of the American Civil War.the event that impacted U.S is the Confederate forces around Charleston Harbor, opened fire on the Union garrison holding Fort Sumter. At 2:30pm on April 13 Major Robert Anderson, garrison commander, surrendered the fort and was evacuated the next day.

Battle of AtlantaThe Battle of Atlanta was fought on July 22, 1864, just southeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Union forces commanded by William T. Sherman defeated Confederate forces defending the city under.Sherman burned most of the buildings in the city, military or not. After taking the city Sherman headed south toward Savannah beginning his Sherman’s March To The Sea. A major source of supplying the Confederacy was lost when Atlanta was burned. This includes rail to ship and transport troops, food, guns, and ammunition as well as the manufacturing of these items. It cut the Confederacy in half showing the South that the end was near.



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