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American History Song Project


Clearly expressed message? Yes and No. It doesn't plain out state it's message, but if you read between the lines and annalize the true meaning behind the lyrics, you can see the clear purpose intended.

Emotional Response?This song evokes sadness and wonder becuase he is asking all those retorical questions as to why the world is continuing to go on this way when it's wrong and upsetting and lacking happiness.

Released: August 1963 Musical genre: FolkThe genre of the song does have something to do with the message because Folk music a lot of times refects the country's lifestyle and this song is describing the lives of people in the country.

Blowin' in the WindBob Dylan

The subject being prostested is lack of world peace and civil rights.Who was involved? This involved all people in the world going through crisis and problems.What was the event? People were searching for peace and safety, trying to find a hopeful outcome for the world. Where/When did it happen? No specific date or place, it focused on the country as a whole and facing thier problems together. These questions that posed in the song were on everyone's mind at the time. Why did it happen? People were fed up of others portraying the wrong attitudes to one another, and they desired reliance on each other and peace of mind. Significant? Yes because in order to move on and make History we have to learn from our mistakes and remember what happened in the past. Whether it's good or bad, whatever happened has significance and affects our life in the future.

"How many seas must a white dove sail, before she sleeps in the sand? This is asking how long will it take for people to find peace and safety. One of the more clearly expressed verses is, "How many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died?" This line says exactly what it means and greatly sums up the essence of this song. How many people must die until everyone realizes that killing each other for both war and hate is bad?

Connections to Reccent EventsThe wars that have occured in the past can be connected to the song's message that's being protested. For example, when he says "How many times must the cannonballs fly, before they're forever banned?" This relates directly to war.

By: Alexia Deason

If I were alive during this time period the song was made, I would have had the same feelings as Bob Dylan and taken sides with him. The lyrics he expressed in his song would have been on my mind as well and would have affected me in the same way as the artist. My family, friends and I would all have similarly wanted the world to find peace.


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