American HIstory (Hudson River) by jellyvang

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American HIstory (Hudson River) by jellyvang

Hudson River

Intercations With Native Americans: * There was a base among the harbor where it was convenient to trade different types of fur with the natives.

Locations * Hudson River: To the Dutch, it is known as the North River because it was the river that layed north of the South River. A harbor that rarely froze over. The land surrounding it was rich in natural products and there was a trading base where furs were traded with the natives. This river extended northward to the Mohawk River Valley. * Mohawk River Valley: This river valley eventually led into what is now known as the great lakes. * New York City: This was the New Netherland settlement and had a distinct character compared to Boston, Philadelphia, and other large East Coast cities. *Manhatten: Since the discovery of the Hudson River, Manhatten had the advantage of having the ability to become one of the world's greatest commercial cities. *

Timeline *1607-1611: Henry Hudson made 4 voyages. *1609: The Hudson, Connecticut, and Deleware rivers were chartered. *September 11, 1609: Henry Hudson sailed up a river hoping to find the route to Asia, but instead he had to turn back and named the river, the Hudson River

Since the harbor/river was so beneficial, the land consisted of the richness in natural products. This was a bonus factor when it came to trading, along with the fur trading base with the natives. Due to demographics, there were many merchants and farmers.

Manhatten was a site of interest seeeing as it became one of the world's greatest commercial cities

My name is Henry Hudson and I am the english explorer that discovered what is now today's Hudson River.

It's the Hudson River!!!

Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, highest ranking noble man in Netherlands.



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