American Folk Art-Herpert Singleton

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American Folk Art-Herpert Singleton

American Folk Artists:Herbert Singleton

About the Artist


Herbert Singleton was from New Orleans. A true folk artist, he recieved no forma training. He initially started carving canes to sell for drugs. Singleton's work is poinent and reflects the struggles of his life as well as those of the African-American experience. He chose recovered wood objects--from stumps to doors--and houshold enamle to depict his vivid scenes.

To the right is a piece called "KKK-The Lynch"Below is an example of one of his VooDoo stumps. Voodoo and religion were also common themes in his work.

"The Way We Was" by Herbert SingletonThis is a classic example of Singleton's work, as it is made from a discarded door. Here we see images of slavery, Jm Crow, the KKK, and possibly even drugs.



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