[2015] Dweej Patel: American Expansion - Panama

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[2015] Dweej Patel: American Expansion - Panama

American Expansion: Panama

Colombia was purposely delaying the negotiation so the U.S helped Panama in their revolution for independence. Within a short amount of time Panama was able to become independent and negotiated the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty of 1903 which made the U.S pay $10 million to Panama in return the U.S would build the Canal starting in 1904.

Previously the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty stated the U.S would build a canal in Nicaragua. But once Panama offered, President Theodore Roosevelt abandonded Nicaragua and went on to sign the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty to build the Panama Canal. To start building the canal Roosevelt had to negotiate a treaty with Colombia, since they owned Panama at the time.

The United States was looking for a way to travel faster across the Altantic and Pacific Oceans. The idea for a canal to be built was thought of, but the French were the first to attempt the canal building. Due to the difficult terrain, and mosquitoes carrying malaria and yellow fever, they gave up. They then looked towards giving the canal building rights to America.

The Panama Canal construction was finished in 1914; six months ahead of schedule. The Canal was also built $23 million under budget. Trading started in only a few months after completion. The tedious voyage around the entire continent of South America was reduced by 7,800 miles. In result it made trading much quicker and cheaper. Despite all the benefits of the canal many people still opposed the method in which Roosevelt acquired the land. Although, many people liked The United States for giving Panama support because it would lead to better relations between both nations. Congress voted to pay $25 million to Colombia in 1921, due to the past deception. Over all, The United States of America made a large economic gain from the Panama Canal.

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