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After Columbus came to American in 1492, people from other European countries started settling in America with little to no money so there was no distinct class structure. There were many different religious groups because people wanted to escape religious intolerance in Europe at the time. The Natives were treated poorly by the Europeans and sometimes forced off of their land. Once slaves were brought over in 1619, there was much less conflict because the slaves replaced the Native Americans as far as laborers.

The Europeans were still pushing the Native Americans off their land and even forcing them and African Americans to convert to Christianity. Women were strictly to take care of the family and the house while the men did the working. A social class was forming with landowners at the top with slaves at the bottom.

America started to begin expanding by trying to gain the Louisiana Purchase. Because of this, there was more tension between the Natives because Americans were taking their land. The War of 1812 divided religious groups. Methodist and Baptists supported war while Christians opposed it. Five southern states added to the Union became slave states which increased the importance of slavery

Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860 was the driving force of the South's secession fromt the union. Different religious groups were focused on the opposition to slavery. The North was more industrialized as the South was still dependent on agriculture. At the end of the war, slaves were declared "free".

During this time the gap between the rich and the poor widened extremely. The Native Americans were not really needed for military use so they were treated even more poorly and worthless. White men were still superior above everyone. Colonies were trying to become more independent by forming their own political parties and breaking away from England.

During the war women's roles changed because they were needed as nurses or the making and cleaning of uniforms. African Americans were allowed to fight in the war, but were not trusted with weapons so they did similar tasks as they would do on the farmMore states and areas were becoming more religiously tolerant at the time. In 1784 a depression hit so all merchants, farmers, and most of the middle class were unable to pay taxes and were in debt widening the economic gap further.

Women and African Americans were not allowed to vote which gave white males all of the power. The Native Americans were pushed west of the Mississippi. During this time period a two party system emerged with the Whigs and the Democrats. Cotton becomes so important in the South, that slavery is necessary for the success of the economy.

Although former slaves thought they were free they were not because of the Black Codes that denied their rights. They were still unable to vote because of things such as Poll Taxes and the Grandfather Clause. Women became more involved through their churches by educating people about the dangers of alcohol and helping the less fortunate. The South was becoming more industrialized and advanced by building factories and railroads.

American DiversityBy: Madison Rogalsky


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