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American Culture

American CultureBy Abigail Kelly-Salo

An example of American Literature is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Although many adults have read the three book series, it was originally written for young adults/teenagers. It is very basic literature with a very basic plot, but it is still literature. (Literature, Hunger Games is a series of books.)

When you lose a tooth in America, you put it under your pillow and "the tooth fairy" takes it in exchange for a dollar or so. But, if you are in another country like India, you throw if off of a rooftop. They throw if off of a rooftop in the superstitious hopes of a sparrow finding it and bringing the child their adult teeth. (Customs/Traditions, what you do with a tooth is different in every country)

The most common religion in america is Christianity. This includes the belief of Creation and Jesus being God's son. This is a monotheistic religion. (Religion, the cross is known as a Christian symbol.

The farmers market is a local market where people can bring goods to sell for any amount they choose. It is where you would find home grown fruits and vegetables that are organic. A farmers market is an example of a free market system. (Economic Systems, free market system)

In America, it seems like everyone has a cellphone. The old young, and very young have a way of communicating. Now, cell phones are great for when your car breaks down and you need AAA, but do little kids really need a way to post selfies on instagram? I think not... (Technology, cell phones)

English is the most commonly spoken language in the U.S. It is spoken in the schools and other public places. With nearly 30 million native Spanish speakers in the United States, (Not necesarily Americans) Spanish is becoming a close second. Although, in the U.S., there are over 300 different languages spoken. (Language, English is most common language in US)

In America, college football is a big deal. Especially the players. The college football players are treated like celebrities when, really, they are just students that do an extracurricular activity. The tickets to the games have become very expensive and the school spirit is overflowing. People even bet on how well their favorite team will do. (Social Organization, College Team)

The United States of America is a democratic government. This means that all eligible citizens participate equally in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. Although we are a democratic government now, some people view us as becoming socialistic in some ways. (Forms of Government, Democracy, our President is Barack Obama)


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