[2015] Levi Kohl (AP Lit 2015-16): American Consumerism

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[2015] Levi Kohl (AP Lit 2015-16): American Consumerism


American Consumerism in the roaring 20s involved the rise in the production and consumption of goods. New inventions and ideas began to become more attractive to the general population. Everyone wanted the latest items on the market such as home radios, toasters, and many other large appliances.

In order to purchase these new and expensive products, people would purchase on credit. This worked until the stock market crash of 1929. Mass-advertising also came about during this time period as new companies searched for ways to appael to their customers. This also led to an increase in the buying and selling of goods

The corruption of the American Soul is Consumerism- Ben Nicholson


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