American Born Chinese

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American Born Chinese

What other insights do you have into how the stories we’ve been examining in History and English connect or intersect?The constitution says that blacks and indians and women are only 3/5 of a person (A white guy owning property) although the statement about women isn’t directly racist, it is sexist and stereotypical. This turns people’s opinions of one another into subhuman. This feeds genocide.

What do those who are treated as different or inferior want? How does this relate to American history?The people in the book that are inferior want to fit in. In American culture, there are so many books about fitting in. And, there are historical fiction about people who don’t fit in because American culture excludes everyone who doesn’t fit in with the stereotype of the All-American. During World War II, the Japanese were held in internment camps, because they weren’t trusted because they didn’t fit in with the American stereotype.

Racism! The characters in ABC are horribly racist. They look at characters that are different form them as inferior because they books by their covers. Jin is judged for being Chinese, and the Monkey King is judged for being a monkey. The characters feel like they need to change who they because of these negative opinions.

What is an American?The literal sense is someone who is a citizen of America. But being American goes so much deeper than that. The colonists that came from Britain to America, were originally sent by the king in order to expand Britain, but some of their purposes were very different from that of King George the III. Their main purpose of coming to America was for religious freedom. Now, the idea exists that in America you are free to be or become who you want to. That is known as the American Dream.

In History, we are learning about we became Americans. In English, we are learning what it means to be American.

The ideal in ABC is to fit in. Jin wants to be the All-American boy, like Greg. And the Monkey King wants to fit in amongst the gods.

An American citizen is someone who was born in America, or lived in America for at least five years as a permanent resident. Also, an American citizen can be someone who married an American and has lived in America for three years.

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