American Badger

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American Badger

American Badger

Scientific name:Taxidea taxus

Habitat: Farmland, tall grass prairies, and sand barrens.

Appearance: Gray, with dark legs and bold black and white stripes on its head and face. Badgers have long strong claws and a streamlined skull.

What it eats

What eats it

Declining reason: Main threat is habitat loss. Numbers likely declined as open grassland was converted to farmland and today urban development is a threat. Risk of being hit by cars, cross roads in search of prey.

What is being done: They stopped looking at the American Badger in 1979, but then started in 2000. They’re trying to achieve the reproductive sustainability and secure the population of the badger for 20 years.

What it eats: Groundhogs, rabbits, and other small rodents. What eats it: Humans, Golden Eagles, Bobcats, Cougars, and Coyotes.

Population size: Estimated to be only a few 200 in Ontario.

Where they live: In the US, it ranges from California, Texas to the Great lake region. In Canada, found in Southern British Columbia, all the Prairie Provinces and Ontario.

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