American Alligator

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American Alligator

ReproductionThe mother alligator lays 20-6- eggs in a nest. They take 9 weeks to hatch. The baby alligators are 9 inches long when they hatch. They are 6 feet long when they are 6 years old.

Gavin Grattan

The American alligator's habitat is in waters and low lands of the southeastern United States.

Physical Adaptations1. Their eyes stick up above their skulls so they can see above the water white their bodies are beneath it. It helps them get prey.2. The alligators have thick scaly skin. Their skin on their back is covered with bony plates called scutes. Scutes are made from the same material as our finger nails.

American Alligator

Behavorial Adaptations1.Alligators can hold their breath for up to an hour. Prey will not suspect the alligator is under the calm water. 2. Female alligators protect their young.

The climate the American alligator lives in can be described as hot and humid temperatures in the summer and kind of warm in the winter.

The American alligator lives in an aquatic biome.

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