American Alligator.

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American Alligator.

American Alligator.

The American Alligator first appeared on earth over 150 million years ago. Scientists know this because of fossils of the alligator.

Placement on Geologic Time Scale:Era: MesozoicPeriod: Cretaceous Eon: Phanerozoic

Location: The American Alligator is found from North Carolina to Texas. The Alligator prefers sub-tropical environments and places such as swamps, rivers, marshes, lakes and wetlands.

Trophic Level: The american alligator is an apex predator meaning it has almost no predators (humans). its trophic level is a tertiary consumer.

-The American alligator is a predator to other animals.- The American alligator is a carnivore.- The American alligators food source consists of fish, turtles, snakes, small mammals, snails, frogs, animals by the waterside and if food sources are scarce it will eat humans and pets.

-The earliest ancestor of the American Alligator is the Culebrasuchus mesoamericanus, - Lived in miocene epoch 23.8 million years ago and ended 5.3 million years ago. -The fossil skulls look the same compared to the American Alligator while the jaw sizes show similiar traits from alligators and calimans-Not certain if it is a direct anscetor of alligator, too early in research.

Comparison to other animals:The American alligator is similar to a snake because they both can grow to be eleven feet, have scaly skin, and both are part of the reptilian family. It is also simular and different from a crocodile because they both lay eggs and look very similar. Although they have different shaped skulls and have different behavior.

Predator/ Prey & Community Status:- The american alligator is considered to be a top predator due to its trophic level.- American alligators are usually loners except for the mother and child relationship.

Taxinomical name: Alligator MissippiensisCommon name: American Alligator.


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