American Aligator

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American Aligator

American Alligator

Physical FeaturesThe American Alligator is 6 to 10 inches at hatchingAdults reach 13 to 20 feet and weigh between 400-2,000 lbs. The American Alligator has a broad head.

HabitatThe American Alligator lives in the Southwestern US from NS to the Florida Keys and West to Texas.The American Alligator eats any variety of insets, frogs, fish, turtles, and mammals.

Interesting FactsThe lifespan of the American Alligator is 50 years or more.Females lay 25-60 eggs at a time.

ProblemThey were once hunted for their hide and are now threatened by habitat loss and encounters with hunters. Hunted for skin (leather goods) and for their meat.

What is being done to save the American AlligatorHunting was controlled in 1970.

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