America & the Great Depression

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America & the Great Depression

America & the Great Depression

Election DayIn 1932, Roosevelt and Hoover fought for the position of President of the United States. The American people elected Roosevelt as their President, which was seen as a step to overcoming and handling the Great Depression by a majority of the country. Many citizens greatly disliked Herbert Hoover, as they felt he was largely to blame for the longlasting horrid state of the economy. The stock market crash of 1929 was blamed on the Republican's system of interaction with American businesses. Also, the masses greatly disliked Hoover's solution to the Great Depression: the American people had to work it out for themselves; government help was not in order. Therefore, Roosevelt's election was due to the fact that Americans believed that he could help pull America out of the hole of depression.

The New DealThis idea was proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Unlike Herbert Hoover, he felt that in order for America to get out of the slump that it was stuck in, the government's help was needed. The New Deal provided that help with the tons of social and economic programs that were offered. Americans were helped greatly by these services, some including the Agricultural Adjustment Act (which funded farmers), the National Industrial Recovery Act (which set rules to promote competiotion in industries), the Public Works Administration (built roads, dams, and public buildings), etc. It was the New Deal that really helped the country get through the Great Depression.

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The Keynesian ViewWith the Great Depression many new ideas concerning the upkeep of the health of the economy arose. The Keynesian view was proposed by many economists - the theory that in order for the economy of the country to flourish, the demand of the people needed to be maintained. The theory was developed by John Maynard Keynes, an English economist, and quickly spread to America.


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