America The Empire

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America The Empire

Latin America - 1898

Alaska - 1867&Hawaii- 1898

Imperialism - 1800's

Manifest Destiny

War of 1812

Monroe Doctrine1823

Louisiana Purchase - 1803

Roosevelt's Election1901


Panama Canal1914

The Manifest Destiny symbolized the American expansion out west during the late 1800's. It was a defining moment in American history that helped establish America as a country.

In 1803,Thomas Jefferson arrangeed the Louisiana Purchase. This gave the United States 828,000 sq miles to the west of the Mississippi River. It also eased the tension between the Spanish and the French.

America's President James Monroe issued a policy that would allow American intervention if European countries tried to interfere with/or colonize South America.

In the 1800's, Imperialism was introduced to Americans. It was well-recieved but had critisism. The anti-imperialists, including Andrew Carnegie and William James, thought that Imperialism was a way for the government to gain extra political power and capital.

The War of 1812,America declared war against the British to solve problem that followed the Revoluntary War; this was their chance to demostrate their newfound power.

In 1867, America purchased Alaska, and benefitted from its rich resources. Eventually, Alaska would become an American state in 1959. Hawaii would be the next and last state to join America, after being annexed and overthrowing the Queen. Both Alaska and Hawaii benefitted America politically, economically, and socially. In the end, obtaining Alaska and Hawaii was justifiable.

In 1898, America beccame involved in a war with Spain called the Spanish-American War. They intervened to help Cuba gain its independence from Spain. This intervention might not have happened without the influence of strong public opinion mainly due to the "yellow press". Joseph Pulitzer issued propaganda that largely influenced what Americans thought of Spain. The public opinion likely influenced the Democrats to pressure President McKinley to have America intervene, which was an appropriate move considering the circumstances. America won the Spanish-American War and gained control of Cuba, the Phillipines, and Puerto Rico.

US joins WWI1914

In October of 1901, Theodore Roosevelt was elected president of the United States. Roosevelt was known to have helped form the "Rough Riders" before his presidency who helped with the war efforts during the Spanish-American War. During his presidency, Roosevelt was known for his successful "trust-busting", which broke up illegal business trusts.

In 1914, the Panama Canal was finished. It started out as a French project, but the French pulled out due to a high morality rate, later suspected to be malaria. America eventually took up the project and finished to make a safer, faster, and therefore, a more efficient route for maritime trade. The acquisition of the Isthmus of Panama through which the canal was carved was the first order of business. America would have to acquire the Isthmus, and to do this, they assisted the rebels so that Panama could declare independence. This intervention was most definitely justifiable, considering how beneficial the Panama Canal became.

WWI was thought to have been set into motion when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated. Following this event when war broke out, all of the world's main economic powers joined the conflict, including Germany and Austria-Hungary of the Central powers and Russia, UK, and eventually the U.S. of the Allied powers. The U.S. joined this war in 1914 and eventually helped end it.

In 1939, another war involving the world's great powers broke out. Germany was desperately trying to recover from the poverty that was left with them after the first world war. Germany, Japan, and others in the Axis powers were against the Allied powers that included America. America played a vital part in this war, and were able to demonstrate the power they had accumulated through many years of imperialism in the past.

America The Empire


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