[2015] Paulina Nunez: America Saves Cuba

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[2015] Paulina Nunez: America Saves Cuba

America Saves Cuba

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America's involvement was clearly necessary in Cuba. Even the Natives begged for America to assist them. Cuba was undergoing a lot of turmoil: in 1897, there were atrocities committed everyday, 200,000 people were starving, and it was later revealed that year that General Weyler's tactic for killing women and children was by slow starvation. It became even more evident for America to get involved in 1898 when the U.S.S. Maine was blown up and De Lome's letter to the President. From America's involvement, America was able to have Spain allow Cubans to return to their farms, six-month cease fire and the Treaty of Paris after The Splendid Little War signed by both the U.S. and Spain where Cuba gained independence. If America hadn't saved Cuba, who knows how much more tragedies that country would have faced. America needed to intervene in order save the lives of the Cubans who were suffering and protect the Americans there.

How did the natives react?- The natives reacted by pleading America to get involved through guerilla tactics: - Burning American sugar plantations and mills - Cuban exiles used journalism to urge America to intervene by exposing the mistreatment in Cuba -It is possible they may be the ones who destroyed the U.S.S. Maine to insight America's involvement

Why did America get Involved?- Cuba's Resources such as sugar- Mistreatment of Women and Children in reconstruction camps-200,000 Cubans were starving-The U.S.S. Maine was decimated- De Lome sent a letter insulting President McKinley as a "low politician"-Encouragement from American businesses and Cuban exile journalists-50 million war fund voted unanimously by House

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