America Revolutin Timeline

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America Revolutin Timeline

By: Alejandra MenjivarB8


Quartering Act of 1765 Parliament passed the the Quartering Act to stop smugglers, so they sent Red Coat troops to the colonies. The colonist were searched for smuggled goods and they also had to provide shelter and supplies for the troops while the troops stayed to search for smuggled goods.

Sugar Act of 1764 When Parliament raised taxes on the sugar and molasses, the colonist protested and smuggled goods. Parliament passed the Sugar Act to decrease the taxes and to try to stop the colonist from smuggling,and for the colonist to pay their taxes instead.

Stamp Act of 1765Another Act that Parliament sent out to the colonies was the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act made a tax on any item that was made of paper for example wills, newspapers, and playing cards all had taxes. This was the first direct tax on the colonies, because of the direct tax,the colonist grew angry and the Sons of Liberty was formed.



Tea Act of 1773The Tea Act really was a limit to the colonist, because the Tea Act was imposed on the colonist, so that they can not buy any tea from any other company except from the East India company. Also the Tea Act lowered the prices of the tea fom the East India company and made all the other tea from other places expensive. The colonist had enough, so they refused to take the tea and the Boston Tea Party was planned.

Coercive Acts/ Intolerable Acts of 1774The Coercive Acts as the British called them and Intolerable Acts was the name that the colonist gave them, were harsh laws that were a response to the Boston Tea Party. One of the laws that affected the colonist was the Boston Port Act, this act closed the Boston port until the debt of the dumped tea was payed. It brought the economy down since it brought in many things to sell. The Intolerable Acts also had the Quartering Acts in action and it also had the Quebec Act, which was a direct insult to the Americans.


Townshend Acts of 1767Shortly after the Stamp Act came the Townshend Acts, making the colonist angrier. The Townshend Acts were imposed to collect revenue from items such as glass, lead, paper, paint, and tea. The colonist were angry, so they protested and boycotted british goods. Parliament took all the taxes away except the one for tea to make profit.


Acts that Caused the American Reveloution Timeline


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