America Enters WWI

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World War I

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America Enters WWI

America Enters WWI

LusitaniaThe sinking of the British passenger ship Lusitania lead to public outrage throughout America. On May 1, 1915, the Lusitania sank and 128 Americans out of around 1,200 passengers lost their lives while headed to Liverpool from New York. The ship was sunk by a German U-Boat that sent off a torpedo from just off the coast of Ireland. This lead to outcry for war against Germany throughout America and it also increased the amount of U.S nationalism.

Sinking of the ArabicIn August of 1915 the British passenger ship Arabic torpedoed by German U-boats off the coast of Ireland. Fourty people were killed on the ship including two Americans. The sinking of this ship reignited the American public's anger at Germany.

Sinking of the SussexThe Sussex was a French Channel Ferry that was accidentally sunk by the Germans on March 14, 1916. Out of the 80 dead on the Sussex, 25 of them were Americans. This lead to even more anger throughout America and on April 19,1916 President Wilson addressed Congress condemning the Germans and asking to sever government ties to Germany. Within days of Wilson going before Congress, the Germans had stopped using their U-boats.

U.S Economic links between Briatain and France-The U.S invested billions of dollars to the Allies in hopes they would win the war because, if not then they would not be able to pay back the U.S putting them in a debt that could have been almost impossible to get out of.-Briatain and France financed the war with loans from the U.S.-They were buying supplies from the U.S on credit.

Changing from neutrality to warJust months fater being re-elected into office President Wilson decided to declare war against Germany. He claimed to have done this to make the world safer for democracy in his war address to Congress. It is also believed that America went to war to establish itself as a world power to other nations. A main reason Wikson declared was is because of preassure from Roosevelt during election time.

Unrestricted Submarine WarfareAnnounced by the Germans on January 09,1917 was the use of unresticted sibmarine warfare. It was one of the main reasons why America fought in the war. Although the German U-boat fleet wasn't large they thought that by sinking a few innocent ships, that people would stop trading with Britain. However they were wrong and all together in the end German U-boats were suspended.

Zimmerman TelegramThe Zimmerman Telegram was a proposal from Germans to Mexico asking them to wage war against the U.S in 1917. However it was caught by the British and presented to America. This angered the Americans leading to them signing a declaration of against Germany. In the letter Germany promised to be allied with Mexico, give them hefty financial aid, and Germany would get Mexico back U.S territories that were at one time Mexican but over taken by America.

Propaganda in WWIPopraganda during the time of WWI worked for both sides of the war. it was used to gain money, recruit men to fight, and justify reasoning for waging war. Each country had a different use for propaganda but in the end it was all still a way of stretching the truth about the war to appeal to the average person during the time of war.


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