America By Air

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America By Air

This is Northrop Alpha it carried mail. It was cool at the time because it only had one engine. it was mostly used for experimental routes. It was retired from service in the mid-1930s.

Smithsonean Museum!

America By Air!

The shiny plane to the left is the Douglas DC-3. It carries 21 people and was very comfortable! It usually carried people from New York to Los Angeles!

You can visit these following websites for more info!Boeing 747 Plane: Pitcairn PA-5: FC-2: 5- :// Northrop Alpha: 247-D: DC-3:

This is America By Air!

This is the Boeing 247-D. This was the first refinement of the first truly modern airliner. At the time, it cut 8 hours of usual flying time from coast to coast.


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