Amerian Indian Teen Pregnancy

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Amerian Indian Teen Pregnancy

•It is estimated that 11 to 17 percent of low birthweight babies are born to teen mothers. •Children of teens often suffer from physical, emotional, and intellectual developmental problems.•Children of parents 17-years-old and younger have lower cognitive scores than children born of parents 18-years-old and older.•Children whose conception had been mistimed or unwanted exhibit higher levels of fearfulness and lower levels of positive effect before age two and, by preschool age, they have lower scores on verbal development tests even though they have no deficit of verbal memory•As a result of these issues, children of teen parents may tend to be sicker and sick more frequently than children born to older women.•The health and developmental problems facing children of teen parents are linked to both the age, but most importantly, the poverty status of the mothers teenpregnancy/about/index.htm

Children of Teens

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American Indian Teen Pregnancy


•Many teen parents struggle with being an adolecent while also trying to be an adult.•Create opportunities for teen parents and community providers to get to know one another.•Instead of concentrating on teen parents’ fear or concern about admitting the unknown, think about how they can use their assets to assist in their children's education. It is important that teacher's ask the teens parents to contribute their thoughts as well, as encourage them.•Avoid pre-judging them.

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