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Social Studies
African-American History

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The 15th amendment had little impact for almost a century because states imposed poll taxes, literacy tests, and other restrictions that kept African Americans from voting.


13th Amendment :December 6, 186514th amendment: July 9, 186815th Amendment: February 3, 1870

13. Section 1: Slavery is Illegan in any form except as punishment14. Section 1: All person born in the United States are citizens and shall be garqanteed their rights.14. Section 2: The number of representatives for each state will be proportional to their population.14. Section 3: No-one who engages in any form of treason is allowed to hold office15. Section. 1:Every Us Citizen can vote no matter any race, heritage, or gender

Lasting Impact

13 made slavery illegal, 14 created representative of state, 15 made voting legal for all citicens


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Amendments 13, 14 & 15

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