Amendment Poster Assignment

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Amendment Poster Assignment

Amendment Poster

You will be assigned one of the amendments from the U.S. Constitution and create a Glog briefly explaining your amendment.

Requirements:*You must have the Amendment clearly written on your poster. *Important dates such as when it was passed, ratified, or repealed.*Explain the historical background of your amendment including why it was passed.*Explain the significance of your amendment and how it has affected the United States.*Identify rights, roles, and responsibilities that are associated with amendment.*At least 4 accurate facts on the poster including any Landmark Cases or cases in general. *Include at least 3 visuals (pictures, comics, symbols/shapes) that are related to the topic to make it easier to understand. *Include one video clip and/or link to a video. You will have the option to view SchoolTube on Glogster.*Include a Works Cited for resources and all borrowed visuals as a Word document and attach your Glog.

US Constitution

Bill of Rights


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