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Amelia Earhart


July 24th, 1897 - Born in Atchison, Kansas1908 Amelia see her first airplane1916 enrolls in Ogontz school1918 enters Columbla University 1920 moves to Los Angeles1921 receives her pilot's liceinse August 25, 1929 finishes Women's Air Derby in 3rd place and helped make a new airlinefeb. 7,1931 marries George putnam1932 becomes the frst person to fly across the Atlantic alone1935 becomes first to fly solo from the U.S to Hawaii1937 On June 1, starts her around the world advencher 1937 July 2, Amelia crashed in the ocean

Lasting Impact

She changed how people think of women and broke down stereotypes.Before she was lost she wrote to her husband:"I am quite aware of the hazzards... I want to do it. WOmen must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failures must be but a challenge to others."

List of Sources

- Wilkapedia Amelia EarhardtA Picture Book of Amelia Earhart by David A. Adler Who Was Amelia Earhartthe thrill of it Amelia Earhart

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Amelia was a designer of Clothing.Amelia was a nurses aid during World War IAmelia had many airplane crashes.Amelia got two marriage proposals that she turned down.Ameila perposly messtup her coat to make it look like she had been flying for a long time.

Did you know...

Character Traits:brave/risktaker: Amilia crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Many ladys would not take the risk. Very Independent - she did not want to get married

Amelia was the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to the U.S. Main land. She was also the first woman to to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean.She got a Gold Metal from President Herbert Hoover for all her accomplishments.

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897. She was born in her grandparent’s big house in Kansas. Her grandparents had lots of money but Amelia's family always had money worries. Her father had trouble keeping a job. Amelia was not a typical school girl. She liked to play in the mud, kill rats in the barn with a gun and wear baggy pants once her father made more money, when she was seven, her family went to the World's Fair. Amelia saw a roller coaster and then went home and made one at her house. Amelia was eleven years old when she saw her first airplane and didn't think it was interesting. Once she finished High School she went to Ogontz School but she left to go help in the war as a nurse’s aide. While she was an aid, she looked at airplanes again. She went back to school at Colombia University and Barnard College and studied medicine and medical research. Once her school ended went to California with her parents. When she was in California, she went to an air show and paid one dollar for a ten minute air plane ride and she fell in love with flying. She soon bought a plane and lessons and got her license. It was too bad that her parents had a divorce and she sold her plane and bought a new car to drive her mom to Massachusetts. Sam Chapman wanted to marry Amelia and proposed, but she turned down his proposal because she refused to be what she called, a domestic robot. On weekends Amelia had a job as a socail worker. In 1928 Amelia flew across the Atlantic Ocean as a navigator for two pilots named Bill Shultz and Slim Gordon. It was a successful flight, but she still wanted to be the pilot. Amelia wrote a book and many magazine articles, and gave speechs and lectures. Her schedule was handled by a book publisher named, George Putnam. IN 1931 George became more than her publisher, but became Amelia's husband. The next year Amelia told her husband that she wanted to fly accross the Atlantic Ocean alone. In May 1932 she di it, flying from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland al the way accross to Northern Ireland. She bacame the first woman to fly alone accross the Atlantic Ocean. President Herbert Hoover presented her with a Gold Medal achievement award. She planned to fly arouns the world. When she was told the flight would be dangerous she said, "I've wanted to do this flight for a long time...iIf I should pop off if will be doing the thing I've always wanted to do." In June 1937 Amelia and pilot Fred Noonan started their trip around the world. After traveling more than three quarters around, their plane disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but they were never found. Ameila's achievements inspired women all accross the land, and for me personally I have been very inspied to try new things that I once though I could never do.


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