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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24, 1987 in Atchinson, Kansas. She graduated from Hyde Park High School in Chicago, IL. After high school, Amelia trained as a nurse’s aid and served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse at a military hospital during World War I.In the fall of 1919, she enrolled as a pre-med student at Columbia University, but quit after a year and moved to California to be with her parents. Amelia became interesting in flying after attending an “aerial meet” with her father in Long Beach. The next day, she was given a helmet and goggles, and boarded the open-cockpit biplane for a 10 minute flight over Los Angeles. She immediately began taking flying instructions from pioneer aviatrix Anita Snook (KidsKonnect, 2012).

In 1935, Amelia started planning for a flight around the world. On her first attempt, she crashed during take off and would have to wait until her plane was repaired to try again. On June 1st, Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot, Fred Noonan set off for an around-the-world flight. First, they flew to San Juan, Peurto Rico, and then eastward toward Africa. Amelia and Fred flew to the Red Sea, to Karachi, Pakistan and to Calcutta, India. They continued to Rangoon, Bangkok and Singapore. Amelia and Fred stopped at Port Darwin, Australia to make crucial repairs to their airplane. On June 29th, Amelia reached Lae, New Guinea and by this point, they had flown 22,000 miles with 7,000 left to go. Amelia had become an international hero, and the world was fascinated by her willpower and determination. By this time, however, Amelia was said to be exhausted and may have suggested that her co-pilot was drinking. Trouble was in the future for Amelia and Fred and shortly after they left New Guinea on July 2nd, Amelia sent several distress calls. Although her distress calls were received, Amelia could not hear the return messages because she could not find the correct frequency on her radio. Amelia and Fred were off-course and lost over the Pacific Ocean. They did not have enough gas to reach their next target - The Howland Islands. Amelia and Fred were never seen or heard from again. President Roosevelt send nine naval ships and 66 aircrafts to search the area, but on July 18th, the search was called off (Nussbaum, 2015).

Amelia's Last Flight

1920- Amelia experiences her first flight with Frank Hawks.1921- Amelia takes her first flying lesson and buys her first plane.1922- Amelia sets altitude record for female pilots.1928- Becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.1929- First Women's Air Derby1932- Becomes the first woman to fly SOLO across the Atlantic and the first woman to fly SOLO from coast-to-coast.1935 -Amelia is the first woman in Bendix Trophy Race. She is also the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California and from LA to Mexico City.March 1937- Amelia's first attempt to fly around the world.June 1 1937- Her second attempt to fly around the world begins.Jul 2 1937- Amelia disappears near Howland Island.Jul 19 1937- The search for Amelia Earhart is called off.(World History Project, 2015).

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Amelia Earhart




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