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Amelia Earhart 47

Biography Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1897. 1.)At the age of 21 she left school in Philadelphia to enlist as a nurse's aid at Spadina Military Hospital to tend wounded soldiers of World War 1. Later enrolled as a student at Columbia University, but then moved to California where her parents lived. In California she started taking flying lessons.2.) In 1922 with the financial help of her sister she purchased her 1st airplane. In 1931 Amelia married George Palmer who selected her to be the 1st female passenger on a transatlantic flight in 1928. 3.) Then in July 1937 Amelia went on the 1st around-the-world flight but on July 2 after completing 2/3rds of her flight her along with her navigator Fredrick Noonan vanished.

Interesting Facts 4.) Amelia was not interested in flying until she attended a stunt flying exhibition a decade after she saw her first airplane and on December 18, 1920 a pilot named Frank Hawks gave her a ride that she said changed her life. 5.) Many theories came about after Amelia disappeared the top three are one that she ran out of fuel looking for her destination and had to land her plane in the ocean. Two she crash landed on another small island. Third she crashed and was captured by the Japanese, accused of espionage and then killed. - Amelia was legally declared dead in 1939 two years after she disappeared. - She became a social worker at Denison house in Boston.6.)She received her pilots license in 1923 a year after she got her first plane. - Amelia broke her own record speed from California to Hawaii.

Reflection I am most proud of the video I found because I think I summarizes my whole project. The most interesting I found on Amelia Earhart were all the different theories that people came up with after her disappearance and that she was the first female pilot to fly across the Alantic and Pacific Ocean. I would change the look of my project more.

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