Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia

Overall PicturebookDesign

The cover of the book is very bright and colorful.The illustrator uses a deep red as the background that grabs the reader's attention followed by a small lovely lady walking through a door. The colors and illustrations are really engaging because it makes the reader curious as to who the lady is.

Peritextual Elements

Elements of Design

Narrative Elements

Individual Images

Critical Analysis

When I look at the cover of the book, I am expecting to read about a lovely lady in a big house. The cover of the book is very enagaging. The book does not have a wrap-around cover, although the title has a two page spread of the main character doing various cleaning duties. The book does include a simplistic dedication page that includes a couple names.

The design elements in this book are very interesting. The drawings look like sketches and everything is black and white except green is the only color visible. Every object in the illustrations are green, which add the feel of tranquility and nature. The use of thin lines and rounded shapes gives the feeling of elegance and safety. I really found it interesting how the illustrator used the image of the house look very vertical, which made it appeared exciting and made the reader wonder what it was.

The book follows a very chronological order where the main character is following the duties listed on a list.The flow of the story is very easy to follow. The beginning of the story and the end of the story are very similar, they both include the owners of the house and Amelia getting her job.

This page in the book illustrates how the use of different fonts and colors really impact the reader. The use of the color green grabs the reader attention but doesn't intimidate them but make them feel at ease and relaxed.The illustrator used distance in this page by showing us a panoramic view but also an up close an upclose and personal view that makes us connect with Amerlia.

The main character, Amelia Bedelia, clearly dominates the story. She is the only character that we follow page to page. There are two other characters that are present at the beginning and at the end of the story. but throughout the story one of the characters is present through a list that Amelia is following but that character is not truly present. It is a very easy story to follow but it could be easy for people who do not know about cleaning procedures to get lost and not understand it.

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