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Amedeo Avogadro

- He was awarded a doctorate in ecclesiastical law at the early age of 20.- In 1809, he won an appointment as professor of physics at the Royal College Academy at Vercelli

Year Lived: 1776-1856Place Lived: Turin, Italy Personal Facts: - His family background was aristocratic.- Amedeo Avogadro inherited the title of Count from his father. - In 1820 he became the professor of mathematical physics at the University of Turin. - Avogadro married Felicita Mazzé of Biella in 1815; together they had six children

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Amedeo Avogadro

Important Historical There are couple reasons why Avogadro’s work was not accepted quickly: - There were many other scientists who are more popular than him, such as:J ohn Dalton and Jöns Jacob Berzelius dissagree his theory. - He did not travel out and contact with other scientists in other contries, so he's theory did not get proved.

Dates of Contribution - His molecular theory first stated in 1811. - . In 1821 he offered the correct formula for alcohol (C2H6O) and for ether (C4H10O).

In this video "Avogadro's Law", he explains what is Avogdro's Law, what it's function is, and he gave a lot of examples to help us understand how Avogadro's Law is used in Chemistry.

Other Scientists related- John Dalton-- In 1808 John Dalton published his atomic theory proposing that all matter is made of atoms.- Joseph Gay-Lussac-- In 1809 Joseph Gay-Lussac published his law of combining gas volumes.

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Avogadro's NumberIt is a number of units in one mole of any substance.Equal to 6.02214129 × 1023


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