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Ambrose Shea

Ambrose Shea was pro confederation but many of the people in his colony didn't agree and were outraged. Ambrose tried to contribute by helping found a Reform Party and to also promote the railroad being built. Shea was forced to go against Charles Fox Bennett and his pro union was defeated.The pros of confederation would of course be more access to trade and other resources. Cons are the costs of railways and the potential invasiveness that would come with that.

Representing Colony: Newfoundland

Ambrose Shea

His Life Story.

Sir Ambrose Shea, Newfoundland Politician.

Political Background


Important Dates.

Sept 17, 1815- Ambrose was born.1840- Founded Newfoundland Natives Society.July 30, 1905- Ambrose died.


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Ambrose Shea in his youger years was part of a family newspaper called "The Newfoundlander." He went on to sell insurance and then helped foun the Newfoundland Natives Society in 1840. He was later elected to the House of Assembly from St John West and was appointed speaker. He was part of the Quebec Conferrence. This Quebec Conference was for those who wanted and didnt want provincial rights. Ambrose wanted confederation for his province but was a very small minority due to many failed things like the ICR (Intercolonial Railway)

Ambrose in his old age.

Ambrose' wife.

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