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Math Glog(: Integers(: Math is amazing(:


When adding integers, if the sign is the same, combine the numbers, and give the greater sign to your answer.

When adding integers, if the sign is different, find the difference, in the number of units, - give answer, of the sign of the larger number of units.

When Subtracting integers, change the operation to integers, and change the sign of the second number, even if the second number is positive change it to negative, and vice versa. Always remember to make 2 marks, and then follow the rules of addition from there,

Practice Problems: Addition: and subtraction:2+-2= 4-9=12+-78=12-7+12+-9=13+-17=

Practice Problems: Multiplying and Dividing: -12x12=-12/12=13/-6=13x-6=

Amber Butler 9/18/09 3rd

When Multiplying and Dividing:If the sign is the same the answer will be positive. If the signs are different then the answer will be negative

Multiplying and Dividing Problems 23/-9=125/-98=201x-201=120x-987=

Real World: You Use integers in the real world, you use it in money, you see it on signs and in the streets.(:


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