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Amber and Blake MATh

ADDING AND SUBTRACTING INTEGERS1. Adding integers with the same sign: Add the two values and use the sign of the numbers.examplesa. Both postive : 37+54=91 (if the numbers are both postive then the sign stays postive).b. Both negative: (-15) + (-17)= -32 (if the numbers are both negative then the negative sign stays the same).2. Adding integers with differnt signs: Find the difference of the two numbers and use the sign of the larger number.examplesa. (-52) + 14= -38 (another way to think of it is you lose $52, but gain $14 how much did you still lose).b. 64 + (-68)= -4 ( the rule here is the same as above except say you have $64 and you lose $68 how much are you at, well simply you can subtract 64 from 68 which gives you negative 4).3. Subtracting Integers is the same as adding it's oppositeexamplesa. 15 - 20=15 + (-20)= -5 b. -16 - (-100)-16 + 100= 84 (if you are subtracting a negative by a negative simply switch the signs).

Order of Operations1. Parentheses2. Exponents3. Multiplication4. Division5. Addition6. Subtraction -Think PEMDAS

Interior angles of a polygon...Interior Angles: The sum of the interior angles of a polygon with "n" number of sides. (n-2)(180) Number of sides3 4 5 6 7 8180 360 540 720 900 1080

Area of a Polygon: A number of coplanar line segments, each connected end to end to form a closed shape. Formulas : Square: A=BHTrapezoid: A= ½ (b+ b2) hCircle: A= 3.14 x radius2 Triangle: A= ½ bh

Solving Inequality: finding all the values of the variable that make the inequality true.

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