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Ambassador Welcome

Welcome Lisa to the Ambassador Network

Lisa wants her students to be excited about what she teaches, and she says: "Glogs help!" She also likes to add her personality to an online platform and has created Glogs to break the ice and connect with her students. Lisa also use Glogs in her developmental reading and writing course to help students learn how to be active readers. She is known by students to be one of the friendliest instructors, and I believe it. Her students adore the glogs and have come to love poetry because of the poetry glogs she created. In April,she presented to Rasmussen College's Professional Development week on using to ehance multi-modal learning in the classroom. In August she presented to Kaplan University department on using Glogs in the developmental reading course. This October she presented to Elearning National Virtual Conference and then, in November, she is presenting to Kaplan's Center for Teaching and Learning.Very busy, very active and a great addition to the network. Please extend a warm welcome to

Lisa Teitler


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