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Ambassador Program

AMBASSADOR PROGRAMHow Do You Become an Ambassador?

Can you regularly utilize Glogs to drive curriculum projects and integrate Glogging into your teaching strategies?Can you outreach to educators about the benefits of using Glogster EDU membership?Would you like to join a group of creative and forward thinking educators and take part in discussions on digital literacy and the creative use of Glogs?

If you would like to become an ambassador, fill out the ambassador form and articulate your commitment to complete the criteria listed below within two months.

Submission:Submit two quality self-created Glogs – Have Fun!Upload 1 video of classroom use of Glogster EDU Links to evidence of a combination of 10 social networking blogs/wikis/face book/twitter or other, promoting the benefits of Glogster EDU (example: 6 tweets, 3 face book, ning, blog)Completion of at least one of the following:Agreement to, or evidence of support of Glogster EDU at least one conference or trade showCompleted professional development workshop supporting Glogster EDU (sign in sheet or evaluations can serve as evidence.

To reward your commitment to spread the Glogster EDU story, we will offer a two month EDU premium license. The listed criteria needs to be completed in two month time period to become an Ambassador.

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