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amazon rainforest

There are many ways that animals and plants interact. I just know three of them. One way is that trees give shelter to birds, spiders, monkeys and hundreds of other species. Also, plants take in carbon dioxide, and prouce oxygen for the animals. The last method I know of is how some plants give off food for other animals. For an example, trees have sap, which many animals like to lap on.

The Amazon Rainforest!

Symbolic relationships:A symbolic relationship is between two organisms. For instance, the bees in the Amazon pollinate flowers. They take nectar from the flowers but also pollinate them. This is mutualism. Another example is when a capuchin monkey laps nectar from flowers in trees since its a part of their diet. In the process, they get pollen on their paces ad pollinate the flowers. This is also mutualism.

Predator-Prey relationshipsA predator-prey relation ship is between the eater and the to-be-eaten animals. Here are examples that occur in the Amazon.1. Birds eat insects. The bird this the predator and the prey is the insect.2. Alligators eat fishes. The alligator is the predator and the fish is the prey.

Limiting Factors:A limiting Factor is what keeps a area in its walls. For example, in the Amazon forest, one limiting forest is sunlight on the forest floor. It limits the amount of heat, which controls the amount of organisms on the floor. Another is the amount of space in the forest. You would think that you have an endles amount of space in those thousands of acres, but with all those species, they really don't.

Impaction of Humans on the Forest:Humans imapct the forest in both good and bad ways. One very bad way they impact the Amazon Forest, is when they log. Logging destroys hundreds of homes. Hunting animals is also very bad for the ecosystem, which they do in Brazil. The one thing the do that is good, is enforcing the protection of 60% of the Amazon. Brazil has taken the reponsibility of 60% of the forest.

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A funny vdeo with a beetle found in the Amazon (Volkswagen Beetle Commercial)

Food web in the Amazon


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