Amazon rainforest

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Amazon rainforest

What is a rainforest:A rainforest is a place that is dense and humid and has annual rainfall.

Forest Floor:The first layer of the rainforest is the forest floor.The forest floor is the lowest,darkest and dampest layer of the rainforest. Some animals that live in this layer are the Jaguar and the Capybara.

The layers of the rainforest:There are four layers of the rainforest and they are the forest floor , the understory , the canopy and the emergent layer.

The amazon rainforest

The understory:The next layer of the rainforest is the understory.In the understory it is hot and the air is still.The Green anaconda and the Poison dart frog live in this layer of the rainforest.

The Canopy:The second last layer of the rainforest is also the second highest of all the layers. This layer is called the Canopy. The Canopy has a variety of animals like the Three Toed Sloth and the Squirrel monkey.

The Emergent Layer:The last and final layer of the rainforest is the emergent layer. The emergent layer is where most of the birds live like the Harpy Eagle and the Toucan.

The benifits of the rainforest:The rainforest provides us with benefits to the human race and the environment. These include medicine, oxygen and fruits like lemons and oranges.

Climate and Weather:The climate in the Amazon rainforest is tropical. This means its hot humid all through the year.

What is a food chain:A food chain is a sequence of who eats who in an ecosystem.

Where is it ?The Amazon rainforest is located in the upper section of Brazil which is south of the equoutor.

How can we protect our rainforests?:To ensure the survival of our rainforests we could try and stop buying things that have parm oil in it because orangutans live in them and they are getting cut down .

Threats to the rainforest:One type of threat is logging.Another type of threat is burning down the trees.

Intersting facts:Fact 1:about the size of a football field is clared per day.Fact 2:rainforests use to cover 14% of the worlds surface but now they cover 6%.Fact 3:there are two types of rainforests and they are tropical and temperate.

Global warming:Because there are more and more green house gasses, like carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, more and more heat is trapped and this amkes the earth warmer. Effectively, this is known as global warming.


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