Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest

I took a gap year in the Amazon Rainforests 4 months ago.We were 30 people there.And our aim was save the trees. Because the Amazon Rainforests are getting smaller and our world is in danger. Anyway, my gap year was amazing.But the weather was rainy for 5 days,so we were in our tents.But generally the weather was so good there.And we learned local people's dance and culture.

Amazon Rainforest

I love this place!


Another Peruvian dish from the jungle popular is Tacacho, made from fried slices of plaintain mashed with chicharones (fried pork fat). It is usually accompanied with chorizo (fried sausage) making it a savory combination.


The Amazon rainforest, also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle.

20% of the world’s bird species live in the Amazon rainforest.If deforestation continues, we’ll completely lose the rainforests within the next 40 years.

People who live in the rainforest wear simple and functional clothing. The boys and men wear loin clothes while the girls and women wear wraparound skirts. Some rainforest people however also wear clothes like you wear.


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