Amazing Grace - Marry Hoffman

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Amazing Grace - Marry Hoffman

Author: Mary Hoffman

SummaryAmazing Grace is about a young girl with a vivid imagination, who loves to play make believe. One day her teacher announces to the class they will be putting on a play and the students would have to audition for the parts. When Grace showed interest in a particular part she was met with disdain from her peers due to her gender and ethnicity. After a talk and a special adventure with her grandmother, Grace overcomes her hurrdles and gets the role she was hoping for. Most importantly with the support and encouragement of her peers.

Bookreport by Heather StephensELE 523

Title: Amazing Grace

Critique & Text-to-Self

I think this book is a great resource to use to help build a child’s self-concept and self-esteem. Most children can relate to Grace and have felt like they have been judged because of their race, gender or even social status. When I read this book it reminded me of my first organized sports experience and a boy told me I could not play basketball as well as the others in my class so I joined the boy basketball league to prove him wrong. I think this book teaches a wonderful lesson in self-awareness and being confident in who you are. I plan on using it in my class in the upcoming weeks. I think it will be a great motivator before the STAAR test.





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