Amazing deserts

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Amazing deserts

Mountains help keep the desert dry.

Spiky yucca plants have thorns so animals won't eat them.Cacti is a plant that is great at storing water for years.Their are plants the grow in the extremely cold weather and extremely hot weather.

Some deserts rain does not fall for years.

There are hot and cold deserts. The three major deserts are the Sahra, Mambib, and lastly the Gobi.Their are big city's in some deserts.There are different kinds of deserts, pebbly, rocky, mountainy and lastly a sandy desert.

Animals and Adaptations


Deserts are known for being very dry and hot.

Deserts are found along two imaginary lines the first one is called the Tropic of Cancer and the last one is the Tropic of Capricorn.

Did you know that deserts cover about a 5th of the earths surface.



Coyotes, move from desert to to desert with there very fast little legs.

Most of the desert animals are cold blooded.

Armidellos, are protected by plates of bony armor covered with skin.

Jerboas live in the desert and the also hibernate.

Other facts

Human interactions

Deserts are popular because of tourism and recreation. there use to be 5 groups of people who use to live in the desert one, Australians, the San , the Bedouin, the Inuit and lastly the Mongols.people also go to exercise ,rock climbing , hiking, and lastly go dirt biking.

Problem and Solution

The first problem is the heat is extremely hot for people and other living things. To solve this problem people are making wells for water for every living.Another problem is hungry children are hungry so parents and elders are growing crops.The last problem is people are destroying the desert and we can save the desert together.

Plants adaptations


By Mia Keller

Types of resource

I used google for my pictures and I used books and the web to research my information for the text.

In the winter the desert can be uncomfortably cold or comfortably cool.


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