[2019] Courtney Bosnjak: Amazing Brain Assessment

by nickybest
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[2019] Courtney Bosnjak:  Amazing Brain Assessment

Amazing Brain Glog - Assessment Task

What you are required to do.1. Insert an image of the brain that shows the four lobes, somatosensory and primary motor cortex, cerebellum and brain stem - not labelled.2. Label each of these parts of the brain.3. Describe the main functions of each brain part.4. Find a suitable image to demonstrate an example of the role of each lobe.5. Annotate (briefly describe each image you used for step 4)6. Insert a short (less than 2 mins) video about a lobe or lobes of the brain.7. Make up a quiz relating to the information on your Glog and insert it.

Check the assessment rubric for more details.

Quiz button!Try this quiz once you have read this Glog.

This is an example of an annotationDecision making is an important role of the frontal lobe.

Video exampleWatch this video to find out more!

You need to create a reference list on a word document and then attach it via the 'data' tab to your Glog.

Turn In via Edmodo.Due date: Wednesday August 21st



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