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Amanda Skarupsky

Favorite books/authors

some favorite books as a kid

My Life of ReadingAmanda Skarupsky

My mother read to me every day as a child and encouraged me to read on my own once I was able. I had a large collection of books that I would read daily. Every vacation we took I would do educational workbooks during the car rides to practice my knowledge. Even now, I never go anywhere without taking a book with me to read when I get a chance.

I learned to read early which meant I was able to read aloud to my classes in school. This made me very proud

Early Learning

I think it's important for kids to be able to choose books that they like. Choices allow kids to feel more interested in reading because it's what they want. Reading must always be encouraged. The skills come at different paces for everyone and pressure to learn faster only makes the situation worse.

Because reading was important as a child, I continue to feel that way today. I am thankful that my mom showed me how awesome books can be.

reading at the beach

Reading on vacation


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