Am I dreaming?

by sunrise65
Last updated 9 years ago

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  • Chalky 9 years ago

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    Ah, Hercules/Herakles fighting the hydra while dressed in the skin of the Numidian lion - something to dream about, for sure. 5 and faved.

  • BonbonaMona 9 years ago

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    Hercules will won the battle for sure :)
    Lovely painted dream.

  • kremi1973 9 years ago

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    Лелееее Рос...тва е класика...митично и стилно...
    страхотен глог както винаги!

  • sunrise651 9 years ago

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    Thanks, guys, you are so generous to me...even i liked, faved and so oned the gloggie ;)