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Alzheim ers!!!


The disease

This is the difference between a healthy brain and brain with Alzheimers.

What is it?

By Graham Lin

Alzheimers is when your brain starts to "shut down" or break down. While this process is going along the human body starts to slowly fail and your brain loses memory until you die.

1.Memory loss2.Problems with judging3.Problems with thinking4.Personality changes5.Hallucinations6.Forgetfulness7.A bad heart


Their is currently no cure, but their are medicenes that can support your brain in handeling and especially remembering things. Medicenes such as Cognex were used to help to break down acetylcholine in your brain. Acetylcholine slows down your brain cells and makes you think slower. Later it was found that Cognex damaged your Liver so doctors stoppled using it. A current medication called psychotropic drugs can change your emotions and behavior in a positive way. This deasease is also unable to be prevented. Alzheimers is passed down from generation to generation. That means that this is genetic disease, and is carried around by the DNA of relatives.

Once a person is diognosed he/she loses control of their body because the disease deteriorats your brain. You usually get it when your are old of age.

Fun Facts!:1.Discovered by Alois Alzheimer2. Discovered in Munich Germany, 19063. This was discovered when a patient of Aloois's was suffering from a mental illness. they dident know what it was so they recorded all the symptoms and called it Alzheimers disease.5. Number of deaths:83494 deaths from Alzheimers6. people with Alzheimers in world 41.81%7. 39400 people in Hospice care8. About 5 million people suffer from it.9. They count of people with Alzheimers has increased during the years.10. To learn more or get good care go to The Alzheimers association, The Alzheimers foundation of america, The bright focus foundation, The dementia reasearch center, And doctor Alios Alzheimer.


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