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Alzheimers is a genetic disorder that destroys memory loss and other important mental functions.

Alzheimers is the result of a mutation in chromosomes 1, 14, or 21. A change in these chromosomes increase a persons chance of getting a disease.

The most common sign of Alzheimer is memory loss. Another signs may be not being able to complete simple tasks, confusion with time and place, misplacing items, and changes in personality.

Alzheimer's disease was discovered by and named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer. At first, they only knew that Alzheimer's effected brain tissue and memory.In 1931, the electron microscope first was created. This then led to scientist finding out more about the effects it had on the brain. Today, they are forming a national strategic plan on more reasearch, care and support.

There is different medication for each stage of Alzheimer's. Exelon is a drug given to cure people with mild Alzheimer's. Razadyne is also given to patients with a mild to moderate disease. Then there is Aricept which helps cure any type of Alzheimer's. There is not an actual way to tell if someone definitely has Alzheimer's. However, the method doctors use is an examination of the bran from an autopsy or biopsy


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