Alzheimers Disease

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Alzheimers Disease

ClassificationRonald ReaganAxis I - Cognitive disorder; Memory LossAxis II - No Personality Disorder or Mental RetardationAxis III - ArthritisAxis IV - Lives with elderly wife and health aideAxis V - 20

Alzheimer's Disease

Symptoms- Memory Loss- Challenges in Planning or Problem Solving-Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks- Confusion with Time or Place- Vision Problems- Problems with Conversing- Misplacing Things- Poor Judgement- Withdrawal from Social- Changes in Mood or Personality

CourseMild - functions independently but experiences difficultiesModerate - Nerve damage makes it difficult to perform tasks and express thoughtsSevere - lose the ability to control movement and respond


EtiologyPlaques - Cumps of beta-amyloid block cell-to-cell transmissionTangles - Disfunctional Tau proteins result in poor nutrient transport

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TreatmentNo treatment availableTreatment for memory loss, behavioral changes, and sleep disorders


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