Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer's Disease

If a volunteer is deemed eligible for participation they will be housed in our facility for two weeks for preliminary testing/monitoring and classification of the severity of their Alzheimer's Disease. After they are approved, and preliminary testing has been conducted they will be randomly assigned to either the treatment (Alzheimen) or control group (Placebo).Participants will be education on the instructions and precautions when taking the treatment, and potential risks when taking the placebo. Participants will take their treatment daily, and report to the facilty once every two weeks until the termination of the study. Individuals who do not live within forty miles of the facility will be provided transportation, other will be reimbursed for their personal transportation fees. There will be no additional costs for the participants. Individuals should be aware of the risks and potential rewards with participating in the study, and their willingness to assist us in our study will be reimbursed.


Miracle Cure

Is in need of volunteers to participate in a research study on "Anzheimen".

Burstion Pharmaceutical Co.7120 Mayfield Rd.Fayetteville, NC 28306

Participants must have been diagnosed with very mild to early stage Alzheimer's Disease, with very minimal (preferrably nonexistent) history of alcohol or substance abuse. The proper and consistent use of current Alzhiemer's treatments such as Exelon or Razadyene is permitted. Approximately 150 volunteers are requested and approximately one year of participation will be necesary in addition follow up appointments after this investigational stage.



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