Alzheimer's Disease

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by PriscillaWilliams
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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

By: PriscillaWilliams


The causes of Alzheimer's disease is by brain cell death. It is also caused by aging and enviornmental factors, such as stress. It could also be caused by family history and genetics. Genetic researchers have discovered that the genes on 4 chromosomes-genes 1,14,19, and 21-have a link to Alzheimers. One last cause that most people dont know is being female you are at a higher risk than a male.






The effects of this disease are loss of memory, some have sleep problems, or personality changes, such as anxiety or depression. As cases worsen they start to hullucinate, yell, or have delusions.

There is no known cure yet, but some treatments are to theraputically have interventions. Another "treatment" is to go to support groups and services, such as The Alzheimer's Association. A few more treatments are to have a caretaker, who could help them remember where things go and how to use them. The caretaker becomes more important when the disease increases.

Some preventions to reduce the symptoms of this disease are to excersise physically and mentally, to not smoke, and prevent chronic disease and conditions, such as high blood pressures and cholesterol, diabetes, obesity in mid life, and depression. One last prevention is to eat fish once a week, which showed gray matter volume on MRI in brain areas.

My grandma has a form of Alzheimers, called dementia. This is the stage before Alzheimer's and can worsen as she gets older. When she first got it I didn't see how bad she was, but my mom said she hullucinated, saying she saw her mom who passed away and saying she saw little girls running around in her kitchen, and forgot who my mom was. They immediately took her to the hospital and they said she hasn't been eating or getting enough rest. A few weeks later she go better and could go back home, but we needed a caretaker, so my cousin helped out. My cousin says she fell a few times while walking to her room and sometimes doesnt know whats going on around her. Lately, she has been doing good by taking her pills and remembering things.

Support Groups


Symptoms can be forgetfulness, misplacing personal belongings, or forgetting relatives. Other symptoms can be eye sight problems, reading and writing, personality and behavior.

There are support groups for every type of Alzheimer's disease. They even have groups for early-stage to middle-stage to late-stage for Alzheimer's. One support groups who is well-known is The Alzheimer's Association. They have caretakers, educational programs, Walk to End Alzheimer's, and a 24/7 helpline.


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