alyssawinner Harriet beecher stowe & uncle tom's cabin

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alyssawinner Harriet beecher stowe & uncle tom's cabin

Harriet Beecher Stowe

& uncletom's cabin

(Beecher)harrietBeecher stowewas bornjune14 1811

uncle tom's cabinwhy did harriet write uncle tom's cabin? she wrote to show the actuality of slavery.

harriet beecherstowe's life.

harriet beecher stowe was rumored to havestarted the civil war

harriet beecher stowewas a writer of otherbooks but shegained her fame fromuncle tom's cabin.

Harriet said she wrote uncle tom's cabin through God's dictations.

Harriet Beecher stowe was a anti-slavery supporter.

HARRIET BEECHER STOWE.Harriet beecher stowe died of natrual causes at the age of 85.

uncle tom's cabinharriet said all the words in UNCLE TOM'S CABIN were God's words not her own. She only wrote what God told her to.

people in the south lied saying stowe's words were lies and they did not treat their slaves like she wrote.


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