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Alyssa Canton

I am from and llive in Rochester NY.I enjoy reading, coloring, yoga, being crafty and creative, and shopping! These are the most stress relieving for me.I love to ski and I am a little excited that snow finally fell!I love my little dog, who is a Schnoodle named Celtic.

Alyssa Canton

Throughout my undergrad career I was able to work in all different grade levels along with general education and special education. I now work as a behavioral therapist/ special instructor for students with autsim. I also do early intervention with children who are under the age of three. I work closely with all ages and work on different skills that the children may be struggling in. My job ranges from executive functioning all the way to academics.

* When I started the program at Canisius I was a little hesitant to be doing online work because I have never experienced it before. What I have quickly learned and picked up from it is being able to do it at my own pace and being able to still wwork full time. I really like doing classes online and I have a leanred a lot about myself from doing it!

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One of my favorite things to do is travel. Each year my boyfriend and I try to pick a new place we have not been.My favorite place we have been to so far had been Portland and Seattle!I also love going to sporting events such as Bills games and concerts/festivals. I think it is important to play a part in the community and explore the place around where you live.



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