Aly's b-day

by rehowe
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Aly's b-day



Have a rocking year!


SIXTEENTaking tiny steps but always looking for the leap.Wondering how who I am today will evolve into who I want to be. Trying to fit somewhere without sacrificing who I am. Sixteen years of dreams filtering through me. Wanting to be independent but enjoying the freedom of childhood. I want to experience everything, today, now, this minute! Sixteen years of memories flashing through my mind.Battling through each moment, as time speeds by, or stands completely still. Waiting for what’s next while trying to hold on to what’s now. Sixteen years of scars that I have survived and that have made me stronger.Taking tiny steps but always looking for the leap!12,614,400 breaths have escaped into the world. The mixing of memories and dreams, the battles won and lost. Sixteen years of growth and the realization that there is much more to be done! mom



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