Always on the Move

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Always on the Move

One example of a healthy, positive, activity or behavoir I will do this school year to improve physical health is to get enough sleep during the night. This is because I am very busy with extra- curricular activities and sometimes have tostay up lateto work on homework. Another example I will improve on is playing a new sport besides of my major sport, soccer. Also I hopeto eat different kinds of foods that go on My Plate. Additionally, I hope to try new clubs. Finally, read more!

My famous person who I chose is Abby Wambach, an active, fit, and healthy woman. The reason why I chose Abby was because she is a role model who is always on the move especially in soccer. As you can tell she excersizes, eats healthy, maintains good hygeine, and always has time for rest. This shows that Abby Wambach is someone who does fit the component physical health.

Always on the MoveBy: Emma Kramer

Famous Person and Explanation

Positive Lifesyle Examples I will do

What is physical health??

Catchy Slogan

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to get through all of our activities without stress. Physical health is essential to being a healthy person.


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