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Social Studies
World War II

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Alvin York

Alvin York

Early Life

Before the War

Battle of Argonne Forest


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Alvin and his brothers and sisters

Alvin before going into the war.

Alvin in The Battle of the Argonne Forest

Alvin York was born December 13, 1887 in Pall Mall, Tennessee. He was the third oldest of 11 children. Alvin didn't have much of an education as a child and only went to school for 9 momths total. He worked as a day laborer on a railroad nearby. He had a repuation for deadliest shot and a problem with drinking and gambleing. After his best friend was killed in a bar fight he realized he had to stop.

He joined the Church of Christ in christian Union and stopped drinking, gambleing,a nd fighting. He became the sing leader of the church. he also met his future wife, Gracie Williams, there. In November 1917 he was drafetd into the 82nd Infantry at age 30.

On November 15, 1917 he went to Georgia to train. He trained for a year and then on June 27, 1918 he was on the front lines in France

The Battle of the Argonne Forest was the turning point in his career. The U.S. launched a surprise attack on the Germans an they surrendered. The nearby army camps heard what was going on and rushed to help the Germans. Alvin was under attack and he fought them off. 6 Americans were killed and Sergeant Early was hit. This made Alivn York the new commander. He earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for his hard work

Alvin York was considered the greatest individual soilder of World War 1. Many people were in awe of his hard work and outstanding performance on the battle field. He was praised by al people. Click on the picture to view more achievements and facts on Alvin york

Click on the video for a documentary on Alvin york and his achievements

He returned home in 1919 and was loved for his hard work in the war. When Alvin got home he and his new wife Gracie got married on June 7, 1919. Later, he went on tours and gave speeches to raise money for the York Institue, established to provide the children of Tennessee with a good education. He and Gracie had 7 children and lived happily. For the next 35 years he farmed, hunted, preached, and lived a good life.

He died in a vetrans hospital on September 2, 1964 from a cerebral hemorrhage. He is now burried in Pall Mall cemetery with his wife.

After the War

He captured 132 Germans and 28 were killed in all

Later Life


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